Nueroatypical Children


18 Montha - 12 Years Old

“Neuroatypical” refers to someone whose brain function is different from the human average. There are many ways to be neurotypical, so there is no one way neuroatypical people differ from neurotypicals.


Skills That Children Will Learn

There are many ways to be neurotypical, so there is no one way neuroatypical people differ from neurotypicals.

  • Social Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Communication
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Curriculum for babies

Infant Program Details

There’s a bit of debate about exactly what neuroatypical includes. Stuff people are “born with” such as ADHD and autism are pretty much always considered neuroatypical conditions.

Some folks will also use neuroatypical for causes neurological changes later in life, such as PTSD and alzheimers. Some folks include mental disorders that don’t have a clear neurological correlation, such as depression and anxiety.

But as a general rule, you can figure that a neurotypical person’s brain will work differently than a neurotypical person’s brain, and this can affect the way we experience the world, respond to thing, think, process information, and a great deal more.

Neuroatypical means the same thing as neuro-atypical, neurodivergent, or some ways people say neurodiverse. It just means someone’s neurology is not within the realm most people consider ‘normal’. Some people reserve this for things that are different about the brain, other people will use it in addition for anything that affects neurology (nerve functioning) elsewhere in the body.

The Difference

So like, some people would call me neuroatypical for having a neuromuscular junction condition. Other people would say that I’m only neuroatypical for having, for instance, developmental disabilities, brain damage, etc. Because a neuromuscular junction condition isn’t taking place in the brain, but does affect nerves (and is therefore neurological) all over the body.

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Testimonials About the Zefer Foundation

As every mother of an autistic child would, I definitely was looking for a school that I could rely on. Trusting your child in someone else’s hands isn’t easy, however the Zefer Foundation (ZAA) proved that I can be calm about my kid’s well-being and education. Thank you so much!

Deanna Moore

Deanna Moore


Your gallery and class set up  is great! Every parent should know that they can have a resource in and around their home where they can rely on professional help with kids, and that here they can learn a lot about education, parenting, learning and teaching. this means a lot in today’s world. Thanks for everything!

Henry Montega

Henry Montega


Thank you for the wonderful programs that our kids get to enjoy and participate in! I loved how everything is organized, and can tell for sure that my kids are in great caring hands of professional teachers. I appreciate what you do for us!

Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson