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Art Classes

Art Classes

Learn how to paint with the easiest paint medium, acrylic paint! Acrylic paint cleans up with water, dries hard to the touch in just a few minutes and requires no toxic chemicals like mineral spirits or turpentine. It is also very forgiving and you and easily cover up mistakes or make corrections!

You will learn how to paint a completed acrylic painting in a step by step process as he demonstrates painting landscapes, marine scenes, garden scenes and florals. He will paint and provide direction for each step of the way. He will provide color copies for each student of the scenes that will be the subject of the class. Often the scenes are local landscape or park scenes of Westfield and surrounding areas or copies of famous impressionist paintings such as paintings of Monet, Van Gogh or Renoir.

As you take the classes you will see things differently as an artist sees things and will be able to capture some of natures beauty on canvas! Your appreciation of color will be enhanced as you learn to mix paint colors. The two hour class sessions will open a new window in your life! The end result is that art will make your life more complete and satisfying!

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