A Spiritual Language of Light


You will be amazed to discover exactly how your own portion of atomic energy is entangled within the Ethereal Universe and everything around you! Come experience peak moments to awaken your consciousness!

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This class will explore Hebrew, Language, Psychology, Consciousness and Science from the non-traditional perspective of apocalyptic visionary literature. You will be introduced to authors and lectures of people that experienced real spiritual encounters that changed their states of awareness. Science and Spirituality can be balanced with Apocalyptic Eschatological principles, but these important topics remain misunderstood by many religious and philosophical doctrines commonly taught today. We will delve into ancient concepts of a hidden nature within the soul and the battle it must overcome in exile before returning to its true self.  Modern views, and earlier perspectives of psychologists remain diametrically opposed; one promotes materialistic consciousness the other, conveys a living wisdom derived from testimonies of people who experienced spiritual realities. Throughout this journey, you will consider statements and queries, designed to invoke new thoughts and emotional sensations.  Your curiosity is the stimuli to awaken that essence of reality that dwells in clouds of awareness and understanding of who you are deep inside.  We will travel to a place before this earth was formed when the Word was with Yahweh and then back into the heart of your soul where the Word becomes Yahveh with you.  If you are in sorrow, pain, emotional confusion, despair, exhilarated, happy or peaceful you are merely mortal and human, but if you are no longer enchained to negative energy you are immortal and will live forever outside the chain of your own inflicted states of mind.

Class:  Tuesday 10:30AM – 11:30AM; Thursday 6:30PM – 7:30PM $5.00


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